The Love of my Life

by Sunain


Alina Eilin, a lively young girl who is still fumbling with her teenage errors, sets out on a new journey as she enters her dream college with her best friends, Ryan, Sofia and Nicky, hoping to make new memories (like we all do). She has a rule – to cherish her life ahead and not get into any mess, specifically not falling in love. Will life be what she wants it to be? What happens when her path crosses with the rich spoiled brat, Chris Tyler? He is someone who always gets what he wants. Will she fall for his charms or resist him while trying to run away from her heartbroken past? Or perhaps a secret admirer who appears out of the blue will make her bend her morals? Will she handle all the chaos of post-teen life or let her past mistakes hinder her present decisions? Embark in her voyage to redefine what the love of life really means. Break the bubble of illusion because nothing is forever, but you are.

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