Closet of Lies

by Samruddhi Chandak


”And sometimes it’s the victory of the villain in a story that makes you happy. “ Bogged down by the pressures of a daily hospital routine, 28-year-old cancer-stricken Riddhi’s life suddenly picks up pace when she starts receiving mysterious letters from an anonymous sender, who means bloody business. Riddhi finds herself in the fast lane when a renowned top cop is found murdered as mentioned in one of the letters. It is only when CBI officer Kabir Rana gets involved in solving the case, does he realize there is more to Riddhi than meets the eye. When Kabir starts decoding secret clues that would lead him to the murderer, what he comes across shakes him to the core. About the Author Samruddhi Chandak is a Nagpur-born young author, who is currently pursuing her Final Year of B.Tech in Cosmetic Technology. At the age of 20, she wrote her first book -REDEFINE LIFE – in January 2017 and has since then, only upped her writing game. The author is a keen learner and has mastered the art of Tarot Card reading. She has been practising the art along with her other interest Astrology. Samruddhi is a dog person and loves canines more than anything else in the world. Apart from writing, her heart lays in classical dancing, which lifts up her spirits and energises her soul. She is the founder of and also writes for her Instagram account @solace_of_words To know more about her thoughts, you can follow her Instagram account: @samrudhichandak Or you can get in touch with her on her e-mail id:

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