Sea of kashmir

by Chirajit Paul


Syed Manzoor is the chairman of the Huriyat Conference. His pro-Indian son Zaheer, a professor at the Delhi University, is not interested in his freedom struggle. The young firebrand leader from Jammu, Prakash Kaul is his best friend’s son. His divorced daughter Zubeida and Prakash are friends from college; they also share a common passion – Urdu poetry. His nephew Zaid, like his late father Ahmed Manzoor, has been with the Hizbul Mujahideen. Since his father’s death in the hands of the security forces, he hates everything that is Indian. He likes Angelika Zeller, the young and beautiful independent observer for the United Nations, and a Swiss national. But Angelika cares only about the veteran Indian Army officer, Colonel Baldev Singh Sandhu. Dr. Stanzin Namgyal, the Buddhist scholar from Ladakh, also a common friend of the Kauls and the Manzoors acts as the conscience to all. On a fiercely rainy night in 2030 a strange thing happens and the fate of Kashmir changes forever; so does the fate of all these people. From the author of The Obituary of Salim Nabi and The Fragrance of Rose comes yet another compelling political saga, Sea of Kashmir.

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