by Reyansh


When Kartik Sahani, a reputed lawyer, receives the sixth warning about
his greatest secret from a blackmailer, he decides to call in a local detective Dhruv to find the mysterious culprit among his ten friends on his birthday before it is too late.

Not only Kartik is found shot and stabbed the next morning, a quirky warning note is also found with a shining pawn of chess drenched in a pool of blood lying near his body, ‘The Pawn is dead, the Rook is next, tick tock…’

Always fond of challenges, Bryson Connor, a New York based Indian- American detective, is intrigued and bedazzled by the mode of the crimes and the murderer’s sinister warnings. The Pawn being Kartik, who will be Rook? And the game of murder has begun!

Every move is calculated, smart, and fatal. One wrong move and someone will have to pay…

On top of the ticking clock, will Bryson be able to find out the identity of other chess pieces and save them before the clever opponent among them plays a deadly turn again?

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