Cupid Is Complicated

by Namita Bajaj


She was a dreamer he, a man of virtue she was a believer he, a follower of faith she believed in destiny and he, in her their hearts beat in amalgamation the moment they had set their eyes on each other. If wasn’t love at first sight, it was more. It was finding ‘home’ At first sight. As the last of teenage years hit their door, naman and Dhwani found each other on the first day of their college. A chocolaty, teenage romance could have brewed, but she chose to keep it at Bay until she knew herself better. He? He chose to wait until her heart let him in. The possibility of loving someone without any conditions, obligations or even acknowledgement could seem unreal. But is true love all about living, breathing and being with that one person? What if, you are not meant to be? Is that not love at all? A story that will tug at your heart strings like never before, a story that will make you wonder what ‘hope is all about: here is a story that will make you want to rethink – what ‘love’ Really is.

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