Assignment Destruction

by Mayank Sehgal


“Jimmy Bhatia and his friends are your typical young engineers turned it (professionals, stuck in the rat race with no end. They drink, smoke and diss about their managers and leads. Until Jimmy finds a little escape in the form of ‘the club.’ but when does the universe ever lets you rest and escape? It’s 2008, and the recession hits the economy! Jimmy’s friends lose their job and one by one he starts losing them too. Now it’s up to Jimmy and a few other it guys to take a stand against the injustice. Their enemy, a bone-crushing white collar job and the depressing corporate slavery environment! But can a few it guys change how the world works? A story of revolt against the whole industry, this book deals with the youth, their hopes and dreams, friendship, heartbreaks, addiction, suppressed anger, death and a dangerous idea of annihilation! Assignment destruction: story of a few it guys, is a gripping narration of revolution and self-discovery.”

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