Your Mental Space

by Arjun Karthik


Life is a drama that is ongoing, from the Maternity ward to the mortuary. Enjoy every experience you encounter in your life and embrace every bit of it. Make the journey of your life memorable. Your mental space is your kingdom and you are the king. You are responsible for whatever happens in your kingdom and how you choose to rule it is in your hands. Accept the unchangeable and change the changeable. In order to change your life, You must initially change your mind-set. Be consciously aware of your thoughts. The first step in achieving a totally different life is to consciously replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. The author, Arjun Karthika, has outlined in this book, The methods to handle various hurdles that you may encounter in your journey of life. Your mental space will guide you to live your life to the fullest in this moment.

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