Happiness to the Power

by Rohit Sodha


ISBN: 978-93-94670-72-3

MRP: Rs 899


“Happiness is to life what fizz is to soda” – Rohit Sodha

Why do we do all the things that we do in life? Making friends, falling in love, marrying, having kids, building a career, studying, exercising, eating healthy, practicing spirituality, traveling – we do this to achieve a particular goal, the achievement of which is knowingly or unknowingly linked to us making ourselves happy. We focus so much on the intermediate goal that often we neglect how important and omnipresent the overarching end goal is – HAPPINESS. It is central to our existence – the soul of our lives. Everything we do is with the inherent intention of making us happy – largely without us even being aware about it.

Despite happiness being so central to our lives there is little that we actively do about it. We cant and don’t really measure it, we don’t clearly know what triggers happiness and what does not, and we don’t actively work to improve it. Compare this with physical fitness – a multibillion dollar industry exists around it guiding us on how to become and stay healthy. We know our starting point: body weight, BMI, muscle percentage, current eating habits etc and we set a target – particular weight with a particular BMI and a muscle percentage. There is a stringent path to the target state – involving highly regimented exercise schedule and dietary choices to be made over weeks if not months. How to get from initial to final stage is shared with us through all kinds of media – books, apps, internet videos, DVDs, gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs and all the rigmarole that you can imagine.

This is why I decided to write a book on happiness – to make it tangible for you, to make it personal for your individual personality and finally to have it as your guide through life for becoming and staying happy. Actually let me rephrase myself, this is not a book – this is a self-help guide which you should work with to make yourself happier and stay that way throughout life.

The obvious next question is – how will this self help guide help me do what it is promising to do: Ive developed a patented 3 step system called HappSys to becoming happy and staying happy – 1. LifeJourney 2. HappFrame and 3. HappIndex. We will work together through this guide on these core building blocks of a happiness system that is built for your specific needs and that adjusts with your changing priorities in life as you progress with life.

This guide will help you bring positive change to your life without you having to make any major changes – sounds crazy doesn’t it! I will show you how you can achieve incremental happiness by tweaking minor behaviors and dealing with emotional impulses better to accentuate their positive impact and limiting the harm they may cause. This is not a guide that preaches – it helps you take charge and drive desired outcomes by making minor tweaks to how you go about living your life.

Notable endorsements:

“Pursuit of happiness has defied most of us as we get caught up in our busy lives. In this well-written and thoroughly researched book, Rohit Sodha offers a simple and practical framework to help us monitor and improve our happiness by making small changes in our daily activities. Take a break from your busy life to read this book and reflect on your daily activities – you just might improve your happiness.”
– Sunil Gupta, Edward Carter Professor of Business at Harvard Business School, Author of the bestseller Digital Strategy

Rohit Sodha’s book “Happiness to the power of infinity “ is the universe’s way of sending us a perfect gift at a time when our desires are expanding and happiness is shrinking . Understanding of what makes one happy will lead to better relationships at work, in personal life and within communities. Read this book and find nirvana and happiness.“
– Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Business World

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