The Making of a Lady Wife

by Jayanti Mukherjee


If being a wife is challenging, the role of a lady wife is nothing less than scaling MT Everest. Caught between the fauji wife duties and impeccable table etiquettes, the lady wives are a clan of their own. Always smiling, graceful and draped in fabulous sarees, these ladies are not an ounce less than their partners in uniform. Classic wayfarers amongst sturdy aviators, glamorous high heels in the world of combat boots—the lady wives— armed with reassuring smiles to bring the impassive faces of our soldiers to life, are the most respected lot in the forces and not without reasons. The lady wife Brigade is a force to reckon with. They can survive at locations that even Google can’t find. They can transform any concrete structure into a beautiful abode, can make something out of nothing and above all, have extraordinary courage to deal with exceptional situations revolving around their significant others who are oath-bound to protect the motherland. Ever wondered, what does it take to be a wife less ordinary? Br>
let’s find out through the tiny tales of a lady wife in the making. Br>
let’s have a glimpse of the world of berets, Belts and boots from the other side.

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