by Mahendra Kumar Agarwal


FEARLESS is an extraordinary story of an ordinary man who fought all odds and faced the toughest situations that life could throw at him. With his grit, determination and positive outlook towards life, he converted even the bleakest circumstances into opportunities and proved not just to himself but to the world that honesty, hard work and a sense of purpose is all that one needs to succeed in life.

The story of FEARLESS is inspiring, motivating and goes a long way in reinforcing the fact that age is just a number and that it is never too late to start all over again. From establishing industries at tender teenage years to finding his feet in the harsh environs of Russia, this book narrates the courageous journey of a man hailing from a small town called Tinsukia in Assam, who finally ended up living a life well deserved in the skyscrapers of UAE.

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