A Simple Approach to Neuroscience

by Abhijeet Satani


The human brain is the most complex organ, and arguably the most complex thing on earth. This booklet is an introduction for young students about neuroscience.
The course has been designed for beginners in Neuroscience. The course has been designed in a way that it suits the requirements of all, concerned with the study of Neuroscience and Neurology, Brain and its correlates.
The concepts and terminology of neuroscience have been presented in simple, and easy to understand language to facilitate the beginners of Brain and Brain Sciences.
New techniques such as electrodes that can touch the surface of cells, human brain scanning machines and touch on some of the ethical issues and social implications emerging from brain research.

We have manual for all the machines, except for the most important one – The human brain. Fascinated by the mysterious inner working of the human brain, Abhijeet Satani decided to compile a user-friendly guide for students to learn about neuroscience; this book explains how your brain work in easy and simple ways.
-Dr. Garry User, Neuroscientist

I wish I had this book to my resort while graduating in medicine and specializing in psychiatry, it would have made neuroscience more comprehensive for me then. Abhijeet has so meticulously compiled the relevant and interrelated aspects of neurosciences that it becomes a joyous read.
-Dr. Amol Tayade

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