by Deeksha Gupta


A girl in the closet, a swaggering dog, a grinch in love; these are some of the characters who inhabit the stories in this book. Characters who are flawed, who are confused, and who are all very, very real. Torn between who they are and who they are expected to be, they have surrendered themselves to unfulfilled, apologetic lives. All they need is that one volce of affirmation and faith that one person who understands everything left unsaid – to remain untorn. About the author Deeksha Gupta is currently sixteen years old and grew up in the city of New Delhi where she resides with her parents. She plans to pursue a degree in psychology over the next few years. The only thing that rivals her creativity is her sense of humor. (She is particularly famous for her knock-knock jokes.) She’s been a lifelong enthusiast of memes and animals, and can be found liking every dog picture and going “aww” at every cat in sight. That’s adorable, but don’t let it distract you from the fact that she likes pineapple on pizza. When not calling out to unsuspecting creatures, Deeksha tinkers with her Spotify playlists. This book is a shout-out to the people in her life who have been that voice of affirmation and unconditional love, the people who understand everything that she leaves unsaid.

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