Love: It Never Ends

by Gautam Navapara


About the book: A girl, Foram, looking for love. A boy, Abhay, running away from it. Both collide in a twist of fate and end up in the same box. Love is in the air until one unfortunate night when everything falls apart. Abhay can’t find Foram anywhere. He can’t do anything but move on in life. Enters the best friend, Aneri, who pushes him out of that broken box of love. Abhay climbs out only to fall back in again when he hears of Foram again. Finally, Abhay knows where Foram is and what happened that night. But is knowing enough to bring them back together? Love – it never ends is a story of love, relationships and sacrifice, which will make you believe that indeed, love never ends!

About the author:Gautam Navapara is a person who strongly believes in, “whatever happens, happens for a reason, for good.” After growing up in a small village in Amreli, he moved to Surat. He started writing during his graduation. Being less talkative, he gives voice to his thoughts with the help of writing. Love: It Never Ends is his debut novel based on his experiences and stories around him. Writing is not just a hobby or something that interests him, but it is something that he is passionate about. Apart from being an author, he’s also a blogger, trying to put stories/poems that most of the people can relate with and find out a ray of hope. He wants everyone to believe in the magic of KINDNESS because it’s the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. His interest lies in engineering too, which led him to work with semiconductor company.

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