From Gurukul To Gurukool

By B. Manjula Rao


Welcome to Gurukul, an elite school in the coastal town of mansar. Kunal is most sought after rich Gujarati guy with killer grins and easy-going charm. Viren, his close friend, is a soft-spoken and academically bright guy. Both are on the brink of eighteen. Enter beautiful fourteen-year-old tennis Champ an any a, the new girl. For both Kunal and Viren, it is love at first sight. Kunal’s persistence puts Viren on the back foot. An any a writes Kunal off as snobbish and arrogant, yet he constantly crosses lanes to woo her. Circumstances force them to part ways. A decade later, the alumni reunite. An any a is beautiful as ever but reclusive and mysterious. Kunal and Viren are older and wiser. What happens when ananya’s terrifying past unravels before them? Does she have a future with one of them? Read on for blushes, gushes, crushes, and fulfilled school days and nostalgia

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