Clinical Research & Medical Writing Career Guide

by Sarabjit Sidhu


The entire purpose to write this book was to educate students, young professionals, and curious individuals regarding clinical research. This book is for people who really have the zest to know what all the fuss is about, and the hard work that goes around a single molecule, that takes 10-15 years of research before hitting the pharmacy store shelf. This book is solely for students and professionals who are keen to make a successful career in the field of clinical research and wish to see themselves as a clinical researcher; a back stage individual without whom the whole process is just null and void. There is a lot of information available at various regulatory websites on the internet, however, it is hard to find all key information at one place. This book is divided into 2 parts; Part 1 is about general clinical research, and Part 2 is dedicated to medical writing, additionally, interview structure. This book, truly, can serve as a comprehensive guide for clinical research and medical writing.

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