Why Choose The Chosen Ways

by Sakshi Gupta


According to an article by, Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day; Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day; Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. The 1 percent of the world, that reads more than 50 books per year, has another thing in common- they are always in a zone of ‘Figuring it out’.

This is the zone I wanted to be able to access and I wanted to understand it. I could not meet and interview the great minds I have mentioned before, but I did happen to meet experts who also understand the secret to access this zone and make it your natural self. Meanwhile, these individuals also had something in common- they were all so unique in their approach to their careers and life. They did not depend on traditional education systems or job markets or investor support. This zone made them access newer and freer ways of achieving.

So instead of just writing how they think and about their zones and perceptions, I also wrote their journeys and stories and each of their decisions and how they ended on that decision. I am privileged that I had access to this and I wanted to share this with people who might not have the opportunity to indulge with such minds on regular basis.

This book aims at exploring not just some unique professions and lifestyles, but lesser known ways of doing so. The six people in the book have had a unique way of approaching their career, for which they did not need expensive degrees, just a different approach. This books is meant to put you in a zone to ‘figure out’ your way of doing it, which suits you the most. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, what matters is how you make most of it henceforth!

The cover is about – The Hare is a mammal and the Tortoise is a reptile. Who won the race is not something we can decide. I am sure they are winning their races within their own purposes. The point is to realize your own purpose and your own race and your own way and I am sure, one or all the chapters will enable your

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