Unravelled Threads

by Kushagr Grover


‘Unraveled Threads’ is a compilation of 26 poems on varied topics. These poems are full of deep thoughts and emotions. The poems in the book give a different perspective on our lives. This book provides a pump to our lonely souls. It is a bridge between expectations and reality.The feelings are invaluable.

About the author:

It is the first official book of the Author Kushagr Grover. He is a 13-year-old boy with loads of creativity.

He never thought about writing childish books as his genre is of deep thoughts. He loves anything that rhymes. Through poems, he feels comfortable in conveying various things that he cannot share with people talking casually. He mostly uses Personification and Simile as poetic devices. He stammers, so he finds expressing his thoughts through his written poems more convenient.He finds himself as a rising sun.

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