I in Life

by Heena Joshi


Don’t read this book, if you think that poetry is a waste of time. Because what you think, you become. Don’t read this book if you think, that hope may be a good thing, but not all good things are meant for us. That humanity is just giving food and money to needy. That religion is about castes and also about God’s ranks. That God has many forms and humanity doesn’t. That love is solution to everything. That heartbreaks are the biggest pain in life. That life is struggle or full of roses. Because this book will not tell you either of that. That this book sounds so full of itself. Because it is. What else a book can be full of, if not its own soul? This book is for no one and yet for everyone. It doesn’t belong but still talks of humanity and love, hope and introspection. This book just wants to be known with its name without any Adjectives, because that is where the complications of assumptions, judgements and classification begins. So this book is just you and me.

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