The Story of Adin

By Sofia Noureen


The Genayas have been inhabiting and ruling over the Earth for centuries to come but there is a slight change of plan-God decides to create humans, who would go on to inherit the Earth from them. All hell breaks loose.

Adin, a Genaya girl is oblivious to the changing reality around her. Her only refuge are her dreams. Her plans come to a rude halt when she gets abducted by Nimrod, a leader of Genayas who desires nothing short of ruling over the world and extinguishing the human race. Amid the battle of nerves, lies an ancient prophecy that requires Adin, together with a young man named Zayan at its helm to be fulfilled. Adin needs to settle scores with Nimrod and at the same time thwart his dark designs which would render the world hostile, bringing about the annihilation of the human race. Will she succeed in her endeavour and save the human race?

Jump into the thrilling tale of Adin and witness the fate of mankind unfold.

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