The Mess in Her Womb: A couple’s journey through Infertility

by Dr Chhavi Gandhi Juneja


Pranay Ahuja and Drishti Kapoor are quintessential young, happily married couple in their thirties in the Garden city of Bangalore. Their seemingly smooth ride through life is jolted by a hurricane when Drishti learns about her issues of infertility. With constant failures, miscarriages, and continuous In-vitro fertilization procedures, Drishti spirals into depression. The chase for the baby leads to a strained relationship with her parents, finding solidarity in the people with the same circumstances, and resentment towards people with pregnancy announcements. Understanding her deteriorating mental health and initial denial of the treatment, she diverts her chase from the baby towards mental peace. This is the story of a woman who has everything everyone else wishes for, a loving husband, an extremely supportive set of parents, a blooming career, and financial security. In order to pursue what she can’t have, she risked everything she had. While drowning in the sea of sorrows, she finds solace in her best friend Naina, who like her, is trying to be pregnant through IVF, Mrs. Seema, a successful business owner and her next-door neighbor, and her boss and colleagues at her workplace.
In this contemporary fiction of pain, hurt, rage, disappointment, loss, love, and hope, follow Drishti and Pranay in their mission to find their purpose, rekindle the lost love in their relationship, and build the world they have longed for.

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