The Codes of the Exiled Rogue

by Sandeep Adnani


The three seek the truth that the duo already know. The Host watches them all. The year is 2039. Tristan, Aurora and Sid get a mysterious hand written note inviting them to a clandestine meeting which promises them to reveal the truth they have been seeking. They embark on a stimulating journey of riddles, discussions and sharing their defining moments as they go along wondering who their invisible Host is! They are finally presented with a reality they are ill-equipped to handle. Will they abandon their expedition into truth? Whose is the invisible hand that guides them? Why were they the ones who were chosen? What is their ultimate fate? Are they the victims of a terrible experiment or are they to be the torch-bearers for humanity? The Codes of the Exiled Rogue will shatter every belief you hold real and true!

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