Silent Screams

by Neenv Raju Akunuri


About the book:

Love is unconditional, but is marriage? Naseen Rajnath is a criminal lawyer mourning the death of her best friend, in a homicide. Jai Singh, the husband of the victim, is considered the prime suspect of the murder after ACP Jason Sahayam takes up the case. Naseen decides to defend Jai in the court, only because she believes, the man who loved her best friend as dearly as Jai, couldn’t have hurt her. Contrary to Naseen’s conviction, could Jai really have killed his wife? Was there trouble in paradise that Naseen wasn’t aware of? Set in Chennai, the story goes on to unfold closely guarded secrets that now stand the risk of coming out, that’ll make Jai, Naseen and Jason question their true selves.

About the author:

Neenv Raju Akunuri is a Market Risk Analyst, with a few online short stories published to her credit. She enjoys reading and writing about complex human emotions, which often go unnoticed. Silent Screams is her debut work of fiction, that explores her love for a good courtroom drama while questioning the various shades of human nature. She lives in Chennai and calls herself an experience collector. Instagram: theurbanpoetess Email :

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