Kill the Daisy

by Simran Gohil


Lily Homes is too tired of the secrets her dad is keeping from her. She doesn’t know why they are living in India when they have a huge mansion in London! She doesn’t even know where her mom is! No matter how many times she asks, her dad refuses to budge and talk to her about it. One day, she becomes so frustrated that she decides that no matter what, she will find her mom. Until she witnesses her dad get shot in front of her. What happened out of nowhere? Who shot her dad and why? She will find the answers to these questions with the help of her best friend, Aayat, and her very cute boy friend, Ivan. Do you think a few teenagers can stand against something dangerous? Will Lily end up finding her mom? Will she be able to bring justice to her father’s murder? Why don’t you give it a read and find out?

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