Is it love? – Hitesh Naraini

by Hitesh Nariani


Is it love?’ is a story about confrontation of our feelings. Love is a thing which is often misunderstood in this world. Abhay met br>
Nitya in his classes and soon started developing some feelings for her. But he wasn’t sure what his feelings for her were. But still, he confessed his feelings to her which weren’t accepted by her. Years later, destiny brought them together. But this time they were up against each other. Br>
nitya has become a lawyer and is defending her client over a patent infringement case filed by AJ group which happens to be abhay’s venture, who surprisingly is fighting his own case there. What follows next is a great Court drama to unfold the truth and, how Abhay faces his feelings and the biggest question of his life, ‘is it love’?.

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