Hayee Rabba: Can we have ‘made-to-order’ grooms please?

By Simran Singh


It’s time to go for a fun, mad ‘Hayee Rabba’ ride with Sapna Aunty! Her prime obsession is to get Simran married as: Hayee! She is twenty-six! The story, which is based in Amritsar, breathes of the changing life of numerous small towns. Meet Simran and Angad. The inseparable high school sweethearts. Simran moves out to study in New Delhi and then goes on to work in a multinational there. Their love, that had remained strong for years, starts changing as Simran gets lost in the world of challenges and exciting travels. All through this, Angad stays on in Amritsar as his father needs him to help with the massive family business. As years go by, Angad is under pressure from his Punjabi mom to get married while Simran doesn’t want to give up on her successful career and move back to Amritsar. In all this conflict, Simran and Angad don’t know how to make their love stay. What will they do?

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