Finding Myself

by Nandini Dhanani


Priya Wadhwani’s life is complicated as is her fate. After breaking her engagement with Gaurav, catching him kissing her best friend on their engagement day, she flees to London. Her life seems to be overflowing with wrong choices ranging from drugs to men. As she decides to come back to her roots; India, she meets her Mr.Right-Ajai Mirchandani. Succumbing to lust on the eve of Ajai’s wedding, Priya is determined to change. Her family struggles to find her a perfect groom. They finally succeed but…Priya still doesn’t get her happily ever after. While her dysfunctional family tries to keep up appearances, Priya takes charge of her life after a life-changing event. Will Priya find what she is searching for? Will she finally get her happily ever after?

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