by Vamshi Krishna


Book blurb:

He slapped her hard on the face. It was more an open-handed smack from him that stung her like an electric shock. On her sensitive red cheeks was now a deep cut where his finger rings made of gold touched her. She could sense a warm stream of sweat running down her forehead and into her bare toes. She felt dizziness and ache in her head; it was not just physical but an intense sorrow crushing her from inside. Her body had become an object of desire for hundreds of lecherous men. She wished she could hide all her beauty somewhere so that she would never have to face any more such humiliations in her life.

She had been fighting battles since she was born; it was just the battlefields that kept changing periodically. But that moment, she strongly believed in avenging those lecherous men for the humiliation she was meted out.

Author bio:

Vamshi Krishna spends most of his time writing – code or stories. Currently living in Bengaluru, he says he is a software engineer by chance and a writer by choice.

Apart from writing, he reads a lot about cricket, love, women, and failure stories. He is also a fitness enthusiast and a huge fan of MS Dhoni and Jeff Bezos.

Hailing from a small town in Telangana, he says his four year journey at IIT-BHU is the best time of his life. He strongly believes that every student, for at least a couple of years in his early 20s should experience hostel life.

He says he never had any clue about Mahabharata until he randomly landed on the epic a few months ago. Since then, he has been in complete awe of Draupadi’s character which led him to pen down this novel.

Before this, he authored ‘Zero Not Out’ as his debut fiction novel, a love story inspired by his real-life incidents (and accidents).

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