Dhi’s Parables of Divine Transformation

by Saudamini Mishra


Do you wish to transform yourself akin to the way alchemy transforms lead into gold, surprisingly using your inherent flaws as the catalyst? Can a flaw in our personality be a part of a larger cosmic design to be the cause for our divine transformation? Can Organic human emotions like resentment, jealousy or even love, be mere Matchsticks that are preordained to ignite the fire of wisdom and transcendence in each of us? Well, dhi the narrator of these stories and the alter ego of the Delhi based author and the artist Saudamini Mishra (the word ‘dhi’ In Sanskrit translates to ‘understanding’, ‘mind’ Or the ‘intellect’), shares a collection of riveting, Character-based true stories based on people Saudamini has had the pleasure of interviewing or simply knowing. Each eponymous story bears an illustrative portrait of the protagonist, modelled by ‘DCI’, the narrator, herself.

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