A Starry Eyed

by Komal Choubisa


Hello everyone out there I am Khwahish. I love my momsy more than my life. However, I left my house to be a successful girl & to achieve materialistic possessions. Leaving home without telling my Momsy cost me my Life & taught me a good life lesson.” A Starry Eyed would make you laugh & cry. It will make you fall in love more with life & your beloved parents. My motive in writing this book was to make you more attentive towards looking after your parents and make you aware of the care and attention behind their restrictions that we tend to overlook in our hectic schedules. So many times, we are not mindful of the many precious moments that we miss in the race of so-called success. Materialistic possessions can definitely give you short term happiness. However, the blessings we receive from our parents and elders would remain forever with us until our last breath. A naive girl, Khwahish, left her house without telling her mother, unaware of the term – EVIL. Everything was perfect in her dictionary. She considered the world as good as she envisioned it. She assumed becoming a successful person was a piece of cake. What happened to her? What did she face? How would she survive next? Did she die, or did destiny save her life? Know the answers and unlock the mystery by buying A Starry-Eyed.

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