Reasons to get self published in India – Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing

Let us start by what self-publishing means?

Well, as the name suggests, it the way of publishing books by the author himself, i.e., at his own expense. No third party is involved in such publishing method unless the author wants. Everything including the cover, formats, designs, marketing, price, etc. is under the control of the author himself.

We encourage Self-publishing for several good and justified reasons, and we are sure every established author or a budding author might have found himself inclining to the thought of getting his work Self-published at some point in his/her life.

But, One main obstacle they might have encountered is – the taboo and myths about the whole self-publishing process. Nowadays, every budding author comes across “literary agents,” in precise words; we would like to address them as “literary EATERS.” They are just those business headed eaters who feed on one beautiful piece of literature and make money out of it. They tell people Self-publishing is an outcast in today’s period, those authors are not considered for awards and events, the sales are not enough and blah blah blah.

We appreciate those upcoming writers who refuse to bow down in front of this traditional publishing system and seize the opportunity to be in charge of their OWN work!

Below are some of our views in favor of Self-publishing –

Creativity and Exploring!

You don’t need to wait for your publisher’s calls or emails the whole day at every step of publishing your book. You can plan the marketing strategies, distribution aspects and even those fun things like cover and format of your work! Everything will be as per your wish and intelligence. You can explore, socialize with people and much more by getting involved in the process of publishing your book. Trust us; no publishing house can do it as good as you will because who knows better the content of your book, pal? Obviously, YOU!

You will always come up with the best for yourself!

You are the only person who knows ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your content! You know under what circumstances and situations the content was developed. Nobody else can represent that content better than you whether it is the formats, cover, editing, etc. You know what your work deserves! You know what you deserve.

Justified Royalty rates!

You set the price of your book. You don’t have to share the royalty. This is by far, the most legitimate reasons behind the thought of self-publishing.

Self-publishing is majorly done in two ways-

E-book publishing – this is the most common and popular aspect of self-publishing. It is easiest to publish this way as well. Most popular platform for e-book publishing is Amazon Kindle Direct publishing. A suitable platform for all the budding writers. People prefer pdf format in these.

Print on Demand – As the name suggests, it stands for printing based on ‘demand.’ This one is considered as the most suitable option economically, and conduct becomes super easy this way.

You’re the sole reason behind Everything

Whether you succeed or not, you will be satisfied. If not satisfied, at least you will contend. If your book is a success, the credits are all yours. Yes, ALL! Even if you fail, it will not be a failure. You will learn from your mistakes. You will know what to improve. Long story short, if you have no one to appreciate, there will be no one to blame as well!

No copyright drama!

This is again a straightforward and small point yet very crucial. You are the sole owner, dealer, marketer of your book. You have all the copyrights to your work. You can decide on it, completely! If you look up selling the rights to some movie maker, it’s all your choice! Unlike traditional publishing, you will retain all the copyrights of your book.

You can take Rational decisions, without depending on anyone.

You have the power of making decisions. You can decide every single thing about your book- from smallest to biggest. Sometimes, it can be frustrating with relying on your publishers in traditional publishing method. You have to wait long for their phone calls or emails. Even a suggestion from your side might take hours or days to get approved or rejected. We have met people who have had experiences with various publishers where they (the authors) were taken for granted a shortly after the contract was signed. Sometimes, those publishers might make an irrational decision for your book in a rush or for whatever reason.
Remember, nobody is as close to your book as you are! Now, you can guess who can make sound decisions for your book!

Build up the confidence in yourself, gather the courage and rise. It is just the content that matters, not the name of any publishing house! You’re going to succeed for what and how you write! So don’t stop there! A little more hard work and investment and get in the line of best-selling self-published authors! Having said above, I will again say it – Nobody can/will do the best for you but you!

Good Luck.

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