Will You Be My Anarkali?

by Fauzia Shaikh


You are invited to heena’s destination wedding in Goa! Nadira, a successful entrepreneur, the founder of ‘mystique br>
Weddings’, has set out to be the best wedding planner in Mumbai. Salim, working in a reputed company in California, a modernist in every approach, has arrived in India to be a part of the Grand wedding. Separated by destiny, Salim and Nadine are meeting after seven years. But, will their feelings for each other still be obscure? Will the demons of nadira’s past, let them rewrite the long-admired love story of Salim and Anarkali? Will their willingness to walk together, lead them to different destinies? Will the woman who thrives by making others’ marriages beautiful, find contentment in her own? Vying to catch Anarkali in the web of his love, will Salim surmount the barriers between her present and Past? The guests have gathered for a lavish event and are ready to unwind in the magnificence of Goa. Make sure you take the best memories from the festivities. ‘Why fear when in love?’

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