The Legend From Runisia

by Vishal Kumar Kadiri


What will you do? If your country is erased from existence? August 2011, Mumbai is recovering from a horrific tragedy. A series of synchronised blasts at three different locations terrified the localites. Meghana Saxena, a journalist who is drafting an article related to terrorist attacks and motives behind them, meets a stranger at the airport, who must have done or said something that garnered unwanted attention. When pressed, he stated he belongs to a country called ‘Runisia’ which does not exist for any of us. Uncertain of the truth behind his identity, police officers keep him under observation at a hotel until further investigation. The actual mystery began when he magically vanishes from the hotel room the next day. So, what happened to him? Where did he disappear? Inspired from an urban myth comes a crisp, engaging, and an unexpected sci-fi mystery thriller.

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