The Fallen Star

by Abhishek M K


She had seen the river, not the kind that soothes, but the kind that washes her life away. When she aspired for nothing but his love, her life evolved from a fairy tale to a terrible tale. An ocean weight on her shoulder, emotional scars on her soul and a big void in her life: she was left in the storm. She had to cross the stage in her life where the bonfire she lit to celebrate, burnt her soul. She was his past; she was his future. Janaki, who was an artist, created art through him. Rohan, whose life she glowed up like the moon, yet his fate made him fly away within the thin air from her. When the world’s constant effort to keep them away was turned down, how the love rises sky high is the entire novel about. The story revolves around Rohan, but janaki will steal the sense towards her: she was just beyond the eyes. The novel describes the blissfulness of love and the awful journey of two souls towards it. At times, when the romance fills the heart, their hardship fills the eyes with tears as they flip the pages of their life. When the love is by their side, luck finds the ways to get roped in; the longing prayers would yield, and the dreams come true.

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