One step closer

by Soniyaa Murhe


“Her imperfections were like her dreams – acknowledged and appreciated, but never ACCEPTED.” Fighting against her family and society, Shreya has worked every bit hard to achieve her dreams. A prisoner of her dark past, she has made work her life with no space for love. Life takes a completely different turn for her when Vikrant Singh – a business tycoon – is roped in as a temporary boss for her company. With his disarmingly intense personality, she is sure that Vikrant is a man who could do more damage to her heart than her brain. Vikrant is intrigued by Shreya’s forced resistance for him. She is unlike any other woman he has ever met. But there is something she has been hiding from everyone else.The more he tries to find out, the more things get complicated. Floating through an ocean of feelings, insecurities, fears, and love, One Step Closer will make you see love in a new light.

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