Alive The Dead

by Ayush Bhambore


In this era of the Internet boom, people spend more time with a smart phone than with each other. Ayansh struggles to cope up with injustice against humans done by humans. Spending his 20’s giving seminar to other youngsters, an only son to her single mother, suddenly life takes a dramatic turn. Knowing that the only secret society of India established during 200 B.C, has resurfaced just to kill him opens up doors of dangers for him. On the quest, an encounter with a strange object instantly erupts his dark ambitions. With the power to resurrect the dead, ayansh takes law and order in his hands. Follow ayansh on his mysterious journey to find the truth and to show the world humanity they have lost. But the odds have just begun, will the secret society of India succeed or things will spiral out of control?.

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