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Paper Towns is a publishing house started by three avid readers who spent their early twenties to build India’s largest reading & writing community. After working with more than 800 authors, we realised there was a gap between what an author wanted & what was available to them. And no one was ready to bridge it. That’s where we stepped in to build India’s favourite self publishing house.


A lot of new authors end up spending huge amounts on just publishing the book with no avenue open for marketing. They end up taking the services they don’t need because no one is there to explain to them what it actually costs to print a book. At Paper Towns India, we believe in creating a balance in the printing process and marketing of the books. After more than 8 years of experience, we know what works for a book and what doesn’t. While our publishing experts create a customized package for every author including only the services profitable to the author, our marketing team works strategically to make sure the book reaches the right audience.


Our in-house editing team specializes in all kinds of editing including Development editing provided by a very few in India. We help new authors work on the plot and develop the story better. It’s a publishing house by readers who know how to win over readers. For us, your story matters. Before it goes out to the world, we make sure it’s the best version you can write. Every author we work with is special for us. And we put in our best efforts to make their story reach to the masses. What’s an author without a reader and there can be no readers if there are no authors? We are a bit of both, so we understand. When you think of us, picture a office filled with books and people wearing their best smiles, because we are doing what we absolutely love to do.

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